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Mexico: embracing the market through renewables

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In previous posts and articles I have argued that the success of Mexico's electricity reform lies in restraining CFE's incumbent market position resulting from its former status as electricity monopoly. The electricity reform officially opened up with two auctions for renewable energy, in March and September of 2016. In both cases prices were very competitive, but as the sole off-taker, CFE was the only beneficiary. The third auction under way has opened up new possibilities for Qualified Service Suppliers and Qualified Users to participate directly in the market. This should enable at least some consumers to benefit from lower prices from cleaner technology and encourage ...

Round 2.0 in Argentina: the real test of the market

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On August 18 the government of Argentina launched a second auction for renewable energy projects. It is seeking 1200 MW of power, distributed across multiple renewable sources, with a deadline in October. It is smaller than the previous rounds (rounds 1.0  and 1.5 totaled 2,426 MW ), reflecting the limitations of the transmission and dispatch systems. It is also demanding even more competitive prices (see details below). There is an expectation that this round will benefit from the experience of the first round, and confirm the success of the RenovAr program. Here we do a brief recap of the first round's ...

Argentina: investors sought for solar park COD

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Source: The provincial energy agency of Jujuy, Jujuy, Energía y Minería Sociedad del Estado (JEMSE) is looking for investors in the 90+ MW solar park awarded to the entity in last year's renewable energy auction (RenovAr). The project is expect to begin commercial operations in 2019 and has a PPA in hand from the system off-taker CAMMESA. For more details contact Sylvia Gaylord,

RTB Wind Opportunity in Argentina: sale of rights by provincial agency

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Opportunities are emerging for investors interested in existing and new renewable energy projects in Argentina. State-owned entities at the provincial level are seeking investors to invest in projects at various stages of development. The provinces have the natural resources but not the cash to develop projects and are facilitating many aspects of project development to private investors. In Central Argentina, the local public agency is offering up to 375 MW in 1 or several clusters. RTB conditions include wind and technical feasibility studies, all initial permits, land owned by provincial government to be rented. For more information, contact Sylvia Gaylord,  

Energy Reform in Mexico takes another step forward

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Despite the heightened tensions between Mexico and the U.S. on account of President Trump's threats to shut down the movement of goods, people, and investment between the two countries and the effect that the resulting uncertainty has already had on Mexico's economy, there is good news to report from the energy front. The projects awarded in the two renewable energy auctions carried out in 2016 are moving forward, with one generator signing a PPA with a private consumer, the first under the new rules set forth by the energy reform. It is an indication that the electric energy market is ...

Venezuela: paradoxes of resource nationalism

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Not all news out of Venezuela is shortages and protest.  While the economy grinds to a halt and the government issues a new bill worth 20,000 Bolívares, the government of Venezuela has been busy pursuing foreign investors and subscribing new deals to revive oil production and exploit its vast mineral deposits. The government maintains that it will own 55% of every JV and an equal share of profits and collect tax revenues and sow the riches. Is it possible, under Venezuela's present conditions, to attract investment and obtain favorable terms? What can Venezuela accomplish? and what does it tell us ...

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